We love candy (especially vegan gummies) but until now you’re faced with 2 choices: gummies made with sugar, or sugar-free. We love the idea of sugar-free gummies; until you read the warning: “excessive consumption may cause laxative effects. Consume in moderation. Not suitable for children.”

Moderation?”  It’s candy for Vegan-sake and we want to indulge!

Flatulent and frustrated, we were determined to create a no added sugar gummy that you can enjoy (to the bottom of the bag) without the uncomfortable laxative aftermath. Suitable for big and little kids, The Gummy Bunny has no added sugar or sugar alcohols, no glucose or corn syrup. Made from natural ingredients and free from artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners. The Gummy Bunny is vegan, non-GMO, allergen free and most importantly – guilt-free!

We call it “Candy with a Conscience” because it’s clean-label candy – and thanks to your purchase – a portion of profits are donated to charities to uphold the ethical treatment of animals. So go ahead, eat the bag and help save the planet.


No Added Sugar

Animal Welfare

No Sugar Alcohol


No Glucose

Allergen Free